Product & Services

Listed below is the list of product and service offering from intelliinfo for enhanced business functioning.


Database : The Database carries the databank of all the vendors, supplier, business partners, etc required for day to day business activity. Different categories of database available are as mentioned

  • Platinum Database : Platinum database gives access to all the database and related company snapshot
  • Gold Database : Gold database gives access to regional database and related company snapshot
  • Silver Database : Silver database gives access to city specific database with related company snapshot


Subscription : Website subscription will give access to entire website which will not only provide access to database but also the detailed information on company reports, Technical know how section, Research reports, and other information available on website for selling as an individual product except the customised services.

  • Platinum Subscription : Full access to site including database
  • Gold Subscription : Full access to site except database
  • Silver Subscription : Partial Access to site with City database access


Reports & Analysis : This product will provide deep insight on (Residential and Commercial) Real estate Market Analysis, Competition analysis, Price Trends, Industry Analysis, Land Valuation reports, feasibility reports, etc High researched genuine information for in- depth market analysis national level, Regional level comparison, city specific details. This will cover the top 7 cities of Indian market.


Whats New - Home Page New Product Branding : This product places an opportunity to display any new product launch in the market ....specifically related to real estate and construction usage.


Customised Services: A set of customised services are available for deep insight on real estate and construction sector for enhanced decision making process. This service is available only on demand for any A and B Class City in INDIA.

  • City Specific Report
  • Land Valuation
  • Project Feasibility Report